What are Camping Chairs?

Most people probably have good idea of what a camping chair really is. However, as I have discovered lately, these ideas are often very different from each other. When I ask a person to bring a camping chair, I will often be surprised at what the person is actually bringing.

The different ideas come from one thing. There are just so many types of camping chairs out there. They are all meant for roughly the same thing, but with small differences. Think of it this way: when a friend of you says that he is going on a camping trip, what do you think that he is going to do? For me the answer would be that he is going into the mountains, or at least away from people. And he will probably be sleeping in a tent and a sleeping bag. More importantly, I would assume that he would be walking there. A lot of people have a different idea of camping. They can say they are camping when they are driving their RV to their grandmother’s place in the countryside. Other people might say that they are camping when they are driving their car into the forest and putting up a tent just besides the car. And some might even say they are camping when they are sleeping in their own back yard.

Of course this leads to quite a few misunderstandings. When camping doesn’t mean the same as camping, a camping chair is not necessarily the same as other camping chairs. Actually camping chairs come in many different forms. You can choose to have a chair with or without a back. You can choose a lightweight chair or a heavy chair, or something in between. You can find chairs that are extremely comfortable, and you can find chairs that are mainly built for ease of both use and transportation.

The marked for camping chairs is, as any other market adapting, to the demand. This means that you can get almost any thing that you are looking for in a camping chair these days. Just do a quick search on the internet, or go to amazon, and you will see that there are plenty to choose from.

So, what are camping chairs? It seems that we are no closer to a precise answer. It does involve leaving your living room and front door. (Or backdoor if you are camping in your backyard) But besides that, it can be just about any chair that is used. In later articles I will talk about different types of camping chairs. I might even make a top 5 camping chairs list. For now, just avoid the confusion when talking about them with being as precise as you can.

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