A few good camping chairs

When a regular guy goes to a well equipped store to buy camping chairs, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the chairs that he can choose from. There are so many models that it can be a very hard decision to choose between them. A lot of the chairs are meant for the same use, but there are usually some small or big differences that make one of them better suited for you than the other. In addition, there are different types of chairs. It can range from small camping chairs to really big luxurious chairs. It is important to find chairs that will fit your needs for you to get full value for your money.

When you have been camping for a few years, you will build some experience in the whole camping life. This makes everyone better suited to choose the camping chairs that will fit best. Using experience as a guide when choosing camping chairs is, by far, the best way to do it. However, this experience cannot be acquired without going out there. Therefore it is wise for beginning campers to listen to advice from people with more experience.

For several years I have been a dedicated camper. I would say that I have done just about everything when it comes to the activity camping. I have camped with RV, alone on a mountain and in the forest, with friends by rivers and lakes and a lot more. During the trips I have taken over these years I have found many camping chairs that I really like and enjoy sitting in while I am in nature. In this post I will tell you about some of these chairs. I will also tell you why I like them, and under when I like to bring exactly that camping chair.

Luxury Camping Chairsluxury camping chair

The first chair that I will talk about is a chair that I have only tested two times. However, during these two times the chair impressed me so much that I would recommend it to anyone asking. The chair that I am talking about is the Slumberjack Mesh Quad Lounger Chair. This is a really cool and comfy chair that is a pleasure to sit in. It also has a really cool name. The Slumberjack chair falls directly into the category luxury camping chairs. There are plenty of good things to say about this chair, but the best is probably how much weight it can carry. Even if the user is really big, it should not be a problem as the camping chair can carry up to 325 pounds on its solid steel frame. As you probably can imagine, the Slumberjack Mesh Quad Lounger chair is pretty heavy. Actually it weighs as much as 15,6 pounds. Best use of the chair: RV camping, short trips or in your back yard.

Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

When I say heavy duty camping chairs, I really mean chairs that are solid and will last a long time. heavy duty camping chairThis requires a well thought trough chair without too many parts that can break. Just to have it clear, the slumberjack chair that I talked about would also fit well in this category. The reason that I have made this into a category of its own is that I want to talk about one of my all time favorite camping chairs; the Coleman portable deck chair.

This chair is probably the chair that I have used most. There are so many different situations where I can use the portable deck chair. Everything from spotting fish in a river to enjoying a nice meal by the fire is perfect for this chair. It has a very nice built in side table with a cup holder. It is also pretty light with a weight of 7.7 pounds. The best thing about the Coleman portable deck chairs is a totally different thing; it lasts forever.

Small camping chairs
small camping chair
Often we refer to them as camping stools. Even though they don’t have the best comfort, they are very handy for campers who walk large distances. There are many types of camping stools, with the most common being the tripod. In my opinion, the tripods are also the best solution available. They take up the least space when folded.