Folding camping chairs

The one thing that really revolutionized the camping chair market was when the chairs were made foldable. Folding camping chairs made the chairs a lot easier to bring along on trips and they are just as comfortable as the non folding ones.

When I bought my last camping chair there was one thing that I made sure of; that it was a folding one. For me it makes a world of difference. It is so much easier to both bring and store because of the small space it occupies when folded. Let’s have closer look at them.

This might be a bit unfair, but I will start of with the only bad thing about folding camping chairs. The only problem I have found is that they are usually a bit to heavy to bring on long walks. Even though you can fold them together, they still take their space and it is usually too much for your backpack to handle. However, if you give up some of the comfort, you can get folding chairs that get small enough.

Okay, now that we have the bad thing out of the way, let’s concentrate on the good. And there are plenty of good sides to these chairs.

A common way to camp for regular people is with their cars. Usually the whole family will go for a weekend trip to some chosen destination. Often the parents have a hidden agenda with these trips; they want to teach their children to enjoy nature. That’s great! The problem is that children often become cranky if they don’t have it as comfortable as they have at home. A good way to make a compromise here is to bring some chairs that are good to sit in. But how is a family of four going to bring chairs for everyone in one car? You guessed it; folding camping chairs. They will fit nicely in the trunk of almost any family car. If the family actually has a car that is big enough for four non-folding chairs, they should still consider bringing folding chairs because of the weight. The poles are usually made from aluminum. It is so much easier for both the kids and the parents to move them around as they like.

Most of the folding camping chairs are made in the same height as chairs you have at home. This makes them ideal for eating with the camping table. When a lot of them are also made with a cup holder and small table attached, you will definitely enjoy you time around the fire all night long.

I am a dedicated fly fisherman. I spend most of my spare time in the summer chasing trout in the nearby rivers. My style of fishing is what is called spot fishing. I find a good place in the river that looks like it could contain fish and a sit there and wait until I spot a fish that I can try to catch. After I bought my new folding camping chair this job is a lot easier. Not to mention more comfortable. I guess that the same thing will apply to other outdoor activities like hunting and bird watching. folding camping chairs

My girlfriend has found another use of her chair. While I am fishing in the river, she is sunbathing in her chair in the camp. This should tell you that these chairs are both very usable, but also you can get them in different forms, depending on what you are going to use it for. (Tips for choosing camping chair) For example the chair that I have (in the picture above) is a chair that is extremely comfortable, lightweight and has a back that is fairly straight. This is Guide Gear’s “Director’s chair”.

My girlfriends chair has an adjustable back which is a lot higher than mine. This makes it more comfortable for her to lie backwards and relax in the sun. Anyway, if you are going on any kind of camping trip, you should definitely get one or more folding camping chairs.

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