top 5 chairs

Even though the title suggests that I have tested all these five models, I have not. I have actually just tested one of them. In this article I have tried to give the readers an insight into what is available on the market. I have found the chairs from good customer reviews online.

1. Guide Gear – Director’s Chair
directors camping chair
This is the chair that I use myself when I am going on short trips. As you can se from the picture it is a chair that is very comfortable, and keeps the user in an upright position. The armrests are padded, which makes the chair very good to relax in. This camping chair is also equipped with its own table and drink holder. Excellent around the fire, by the table or by the river!

2. Coleman – Deck Chaircoleman camping chair

When you talk about camping chairs, you cannot forget about Coleman. They are probably the best know producers in the world. There are two reasons for it. Number one is that they make good chairs and number two is that they make an insane amount of models. The deck chair is actually a chair that is pretty similar to the Director’s Chair above. There are two significant differences though. The first one is the price. This chair is a bit pricier than Guide Gear’s model. As I haven’t tried this one, I cannot say if it is worth the extra bucks but if it lives up to Coleman traditions it should be good. The second thing that is different is that you get the Deck Chair in two models, one with table and one without.

3. Travel Chair – Big Bubba
big bubba camping chairs
This is the chair for those who really want to relax when camping. The back is well leaned backwards, which makes it perfect for activities such as sunbathing and maybe even sleeping. Extreme comfort is the keyword and it is underlined by a built in footrest. Comes very close to being as comfortable as a sleeper sofa. The name probably tries to hint in that direction even though it makes a poor attempt at it.

4. Travel Chair – Slackerslacker camping chair

Another chair by Travel Chair. Those guys should really consider getting someone new to name their chairs. To be precise this is not a camping chair but a camping stool. From the picture you can see that it is not nearly as comfortable as the chairs, but it is very easy to transport. It should be the first choice for long and medium trips on foot.

5. Academy – camping chair

Puts the E in easy. The design is so simple that a two year old could have made it. I guess that this is one of the more traditionally looking stools you will find on the marked. This is another stool that should be preferred for you trips on foot. Compared to Travel Chairs model, it is somewhat bigger when folded, and thereby harder get in your backpack.

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